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Compliant RTO will help you get your RTO back on track

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RTO Initial Registration

Why should you choose CompliantRTO?
To operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you must be registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the registration process can be challenging. Our skilled professionals have the knowledge and expertise to smooth out the process for you. We will work with you throughout the entire registration process. With Compliant RTO's registration packages, we will:

Prepare relevant documents required for initial RTO Registration
Assist you in creating a Quality Management System (QMS)
Develop a customized Student Management Structure
Ensure requirements are met with the help of our experienced Consultants
Coach you throughout the entire Registration Process

At CompliantRTO, we will help you customize your approach towards a successful RTO Registration with the help of our expert consultants with years of VET experience.

RTO Re-Registration

CompliantRTO will help you get your RTO back on track. Whether you are struggling with the ASQA re-registration, audit standards or just want your organization going in the right direction again, with our re-registration package all your compliance needs will be achieved. Along with the constant support and making sure the compliant systems are in sync with your RTO, we will guide you how to be compliant and prepare you for your ASQA audit. Throughout the process, we will:

Identify the potential non-compliant areas
Review your Training and Assessment Strategies
Facilitate your submission of your re-registration with ASQA
Provide you with the necessary Audit action plan.

Preparing Remedial Plan Following a Non-compliance

Worried about how to tackle the non-compliance issues and how to respond to ASQA's Non-compliance Report? Here at CompliantRTO, we will help you address all the matters and help you to provide the Rectification Report to respond to ASQA. With the help of our specialized team, we will:

Bring to light the Non-compliance identified
Help you prepare documents required to rectify the areas of Non-compliance
Facilitate your response to ASQA's Audit Rectification Report

With many years of experience, you can trust CompliantRTO to handle your matters successfully. We will work closely with you to come up with the best remedial plan for you.

Scope Extension

Want to add a course or transition to a new training package? Or simply want to broaden your current scope of registration? Look no further! With the help of CompliantRTO's Scope Extension package, we will take care of all the research and paperwork for you so that you can add and develop an outline to meet your needs. With our panel of experts, we assist you in coming up with the best strategy to deliver your proposed course/s. We will be guiding you throughout the path so that you can choose the best route. In this package, we will:

Research the suitability of the Course you are willing to add to your Scope
Prepare Training and Assessment Strategies for every single Training Product you consider adding to your scope
Assess the industry and ensure you make an informed decision
Provide you with the Trainer Matrix template and regulate its development
Recognize and recommend the best training resources for your Training Product
Assist you in online application submission with ASQA

Years of experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry gives CompliantRTO confidence to guide you in this journey towards your desired destination.

Assisting in Change of Ownership

Changing ownership can be a complicated process since ASQA has introduced new requirements for Change of Ownership for Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) and Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) providers. Compliant RTO will make sure the entire process of your ownership transfer runs smoothly. We will:

Facilitate in preparing all the required documents for the Ownership Transfer
Assist you in preparing the Financial Viability Risk Assessment (FVRA) Tool
Review your understanding about the Self-Assessment Tool
Assist you in developing the supporting evidence detailed in the FVRA tool

With CompliantRTO, you will face no hurdles during the challenging task of Change of Ownership. Our specialist team will coach you throughout the procedure for a hassle-free and successful outcome.

Internal Audit Services

We are here to assist you in preparing for audit or put you back on track by providing you with an outline of your RTO Compliance’s requirements. With our internal audit service, we will coach you on how to get ready for your ASQA Audit and how to improve on it. By rectifying any non-compliance ahead of time, we will prepare you for the journey forward. In this service, we will:

Review your current condition and suggest ways for Improvement
Prepare you for an Audit
Provide you with the necessary training to run your RTO successfully
Identify and rectify any Non-Compliance beforehand

CompliantRTO will ensure that your RTO will thrive by ensuring all systems are in place and you comply by all the Standards.

Provide Expert Advice in Running a RTO/CRICOS

CompliantRTO had specialized consultants who have gained proficiency in their respective fields so that we can cater to your individual needs more effectively and efficiently. To help get a deeper understanding of the standards and regulations governing the RTOs, we will provide you insights directly from our expert consultants. With us, you will have a much better grasp on what constitutes the best practice in the VET sector. In this package, we will:

Mentor you about the entire process, tailored to your personal agenda
Assist you in understanding the RTO requirements
Conduct internal audits and continuous improvement initiatives
Run Professional development session for Trainers and Staff

Seeking advice and support on how to run your RTO may be difficult if you cannot find the one who can relate to your needs. CompliantRTO, has the knowledge and experience of the VET industry to guide you to the right path!

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